PUMA Delphin

PUMA Delphin






When it comes the different PUMA shoes sharing the same name, the one that this applies to most is highly likely to be the Delphin. The 1970’s and 80’s saw the release of several different versions of the shoe, with alternative sole units, profiles, materials and produced from factories across Europe and Asia. It’s a classic shoe and silhouette which still to this day holds a special appeal for connoisseur far and wide.

The early versions of Delphin came from West Germany and Yugoslavia. This mock-up has a slimmer and lower profile than the others which had a contact gum sole. Other details which are found on other Delphin models such as the Olympic rings on the logo stamp, breathable holes within the inner-sole and manufacture details are missing from this version.

Estimated to be from Yugoslavia during the 1970’s their upper is in the classis Delphin form and also shares some similarities with the Bluebird model. Their navy suede with yellow leather formstripe construction is a common one seen across original shoes of the time. Their thinner gum sole is a unique one not seen much on other shoes.

During the 1970’s and 80’s PUMA were introducing a vast amount of new styles to the market. A lot of those were shoes sharing the same name as they experimented with techniques, materials and processes. With so many different versions in the back catalogue, one can only hope that we’ll see a re-issue of one in the future.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B