PUMA Delphin

PUMA Delphin






Just when one may think they’ve seen all the versions of PUMA Delphin that were made, here comes another one to feast over. Almost identical in form to the previous one featured; this one has a full leather upper. The two options of suede and leather meant that the wearer could keep wearing a pair all year around and within all conditions.

Although they highly resemble the Delphin’s most people will identify with, they aren’t stamped with it on the side like other pairs. Their leather moulded tongue isn’t seen on any other version and resembles that more of the Bluebird. It’s possible that at the time PUMA were experimenting with combining details and integrating them within other models.

Their age would be from some time during the 1970’s and likely to be from West Germany or Yugoslavia. Without catalogue evidence one can’t definitely know the story of how or why they came about, but that forms part of their appeal.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B