PUMA Delphin

PUMA Delphin






The PUMA archive is full of a wide spectrum of shoes for all purposes and activities. During the 1970’s the production of models they created multiplied greatly as new materials, processes and systems were integrated within their products. Throughout this period and later to come they were also know to give the same name to different shoes, which has led to many confused collectors discovering them many years later.

The PUMA Delphin is a name that PUMA applied to more than one model. Some of them were similar in appearance, while others were a different shoe all together. Just like the pair seen here, the majority were Navy and Yellow with a gum sole. Other pairs released were different shades, the same colourway but in leather plus at least one other alternative Navy/White version that had a different construction.

First released during the 1970’s, this pair features the 5 Olympic rings on the side of the logo like other models from the same era and was made in West Germany. The gum contact sole was more innovative than others as it featured bubbles of air, which increased comfort. Holes were also added within the inner-sole which would have aided the moisture absorption and breathability.

There were quite a few models from the 1970’s and 80’s that had similar appearances, and even this pair has a resemblance to the Blue Bird, but they all had their individual qualities which separated them. Plenty of these models have been over looked for re-issues throughout the years, but with the recent retro of some 80’s Tennis models maybe it’s a direction PUMA will look at in the future.


Text: Professor B